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Howdy ho! My name is Polina Komyagina, and I am a moving image artist. Not a famous one. Nobody's ever heard of me or this website. If you are reading this, I genuinely wonder how you even got to this page. Did you just Google my name or something? Are you stalking me? If you are, please stop. This is creepy and not funny at all.

If you're a curator of a fashionable gallery interested in exhibiting my art or a generous producer considering sponsoring my films, please disregard the first paragraph and kindly navigate to any other page of this website. Any other page is more serious and professional than this one.

Are you still reading this? OMG, I didn't expect this to go that far. Perhaps I should introduce myself properly. Well, I create animations. Not the kind of funny cartoons you see on TV, and not the commercial motion design you see everywhere. I specialize in what's known as experimental animation, and it is intended for festivals and galleries. I mean, when I do finish what I start, the result is usually good enough for festivals and galleries. You can find these successful projects on the page predictably titled 'Projects.' However, sometimes I don't finish what I start because nobody pays me for it. The bits of finished and unfinished artworks, drafts, formal experiments, and visual tests end up on the page titled 'Showcase' (don't confuse it with shoegaze). These pieces don't have any conceptual meaning behind them, but they demonstrate the range of my artistic abilities, styles, and techniques. I am actually proud of them. In addition, sometimes I produce stuff for other people or in collaboration with other people. These cases are displayed on the page titled 'Commissions.' By the way, you can also hire me if you have a creative project and money for its implementation (money is the main thing).

Well, I've said enough. Now, just one movement of the thumb separates you from the amazing world of my creativity, so I invite you to keep scrolling and discovering this website. Unless you are stalking me indeed. Then go away and get a life, my dude.

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